maandag, mei 22, 2017

Francisco Goya #2

The Quinta del Sordo, in a scale model built between 1828-1830, at the Museo de Historia de Madrid.

Two-floor house. The Quinta de Goya, or Quinta del Sordo, in a scale model built between 1828-1830.

Working hypothesis. Diagram showing the original location of the Black Paintings in La Quinta del Sordo. (bron: Wikipedia)

"The Quinta del Sordo (English: Villa of the Deaf), or Quinta de Goya, was the name of an extensive estate and country house situated on a hill in the old municipality of Carabanchel on the outskirts of Madrid. The house is best known as the home of Francisco de Goya in the years leading up to his exile, and where he painted the Black Paintings comprising fourteen murals. Contrary to popular belief, the estate was given its name due to the deafness of a prior owner, having nothing to do with Goya himself. The house was demolished in 1909."

Mansion of the successors of Goya. Postcard, c. 1907. (bron: Wikipedia)

Francis Picabia #2

Francis Picabia dans son atelier, 1937. (bron: Galerie 1900-2000)

L’atelier de Francis Picabia et ses dernières œuvres, ca. 1945(?). (bron: Association des amis du Musée Edgar Mélik)

Francis Gruber #3

Francis Gruber: Modèle à l'atelier, 1944. (bron: artnet)

Francis Gruber: Femme dans l'atelier, 1940.

Francis Gruber: L'atelier au chevalet, 1941.

Francis Gruber: L'atelier, 1943.

Francis Gruber: L'atelier, 1944. (bron: Panoply Books)

Francis Gruber: Nu dans l'atelier, 1944.

Francis gruber: Nu dans l'atelier, 1946. (bron: artnet)

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Francis Gruber #2

(foto: Marc Vaux)

Francis gruber dans son atelier, 10 villa d Alésia, ca. 1943. (foto: Marc Vaux)

Francis Gruber: Autoportrait, 1942.

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vrijdag, mei 19, 2017

Katherine Bradford #4

Katherine Bradford in her studio, Fort Andross, Brunswick, Maine, 2016. (bron en foto's: Erin Little)

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Katherine Bradford #3

Studio Accident.

Arrived in Maine. Stretchers delivered.Very reasonable.

Saying goodbye to my Sky Cruiser painting.

Taken by Nicole McIntyre when Cranbrook came to my studio.

Forth of July 2016. (bron: Katherine Bradford | Instagram)

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Katherine Bradford #2

Interview with Katherine Bradford, 2014. Stills from the video. (bron video: Gorky's Granddaughter)

Katherine Bradford

Katherine Bradford in her studio, Brunswick, Maine, 2016. (bron: Hyperallergic, foto: Jennifer Samet)

Katherine Bradford in her studio, Brooklyn, New York, 2012. (bron: Pencil in the Studio)

Ossip #2

Atelier Ossip, Den Haag, 2016. (bron: Fred Guurink)

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Artist's Portraits by Eamonn McCabe

Bridget Riley.

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Frank Auerbach.

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Frank Bowling.

Grayson Perry.

Sandra Blow. (bron en foto's: Eamonn McCabe)

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Francis Bacon #10

Francis Bacon in his London studio, 1974. (bron: The Telegraph en Spencer Alley, foto's: Michael Holtz)

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