woensdag, maart 22, 2017

Albert Pierre Dawant

Le peintre Albert Pierre Dawant dans son atelier, années 1880-1900. (bron: Auction.fr, foto: Edmond Bénard)

dinsdag, maart 21, 2017

Callum Innes #2

Callum Innes Studio.

" We converted a very run down 2-storey B-listed garaging and office building to provide artists studios on the upper floor and a workshop and loading bay on the ground floor.

The existing clear span structure enabled the entire space to be opened up creating two uncluttered naturally top-lit studios. The layout allows the artist to hang large series of works intended to be viewed together." (bron: Helen Lucas Architects)

> Callum Innes

Callum Innes

Callum Innes aan het werk in zijn atelier. Stills uit de video "Callum Innes Exposed" van Gautier Deblonde. (bron video: See All This)

> Callum Innes

Emilio Vedova #2

Emilio Vedova werkend aan de serie "Per la Spagna", 1962. (bron: Il Giornale)

Emilio Vedova in zijn atelier. (bron: Equilibri)

> Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova

maandag, maart 20, 2017

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov #2

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov in hun atelier. (bron: Ilya & Emilia Kabakov)

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov in hun atelier. (bron: Artribune)

> Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Agus Suwage #2

Studio Visit: Agus Suwage, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. (bron: Canaan Bali)

Visit to the studio of Agus Suwage. (bron: Biennale Jogja)

Agus Suwage in his studio in Yogyakarta, Central Java, 2009. (bron: reuters)

(bron: biography of painter)

> Agus Suwage | facebook

vrijdag, maart 17, 2017

Ryan Mosley

Studio visit: Ryan Mosley. Stills from the video. (bron video: Christie's)

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle #4

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle in zijn atelier met model voor "Héraklès"(bron: Drouot Estimations)

(bron: Musée Bourdelle)

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle: Héraklès, 1909.

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle #3

Émile-Antoine Bourdelle: Zelfportret, ca 1885. (collectie: Musée Bourdelle)