dinsdag, oktober 17, 2017

Claes Oldenburg #8

Claes Oldenburg in his studio, 1969.

(bron: New York Times)

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen in their studio, New York, 1988. (bron: gettyimages, foto,s: Jack Michell en Arnold Newman)

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen. (bron: artfronts)

> Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen

Cindy Sherman #3

Cindy Sherman in her studio, 2003.

Sherman’s studio is as modest as she is: a large room that takes up roughly half her loft apartment in New York; a small shooting area with backdrops and desks strategically placed. Three months ago, this studio was so pristine you could lick the floor; today it’s a disaster area with clown clothing and props everywhere. Cindy’s making new work.
(bron: Tate, foto's: Cindy Sherman)

Cindy Sherman in her studio, 2008(?). (bron: TimeOut, foto: Roxana Marrquin)

(bron: Premiere Heure, foto: Nikolas Koenig)

maandag, oktober 16, 2017

Chuck Webster #3

Chuck Webster studio visit, 2013.

Chuck Webster studio visit, 2015. (bron: Brask Art Blog)

Christopher Le Brun #7

Annie Yim and Richard Birchall finding inspiration in Christopher Le Brun's works in the artist's studio, with Le Brun's studio manager Nicola Togneri, 2015. (bron: gramophone)

Christopher Le Brun in his studio, 2013. (bron: a.n, foto: Gautier Deblonde)

vrijdag, oktober 13, 2017

Christo #6

Christo in his studio, New York City, 1990. (bron en foto: Simon Chaput)

Christo in his studio. (bron: Welt, foto: Wolfgang Volz)

> Christo en Jeanne-Claude

Christian Vetter #3

Christian Vetter in zijn atelier 2010(?). (bron: Artcollector)

> Christian Vetter

woensdag, oktober 11, 2017

Ward Schumaker

The studio in San Francisco consists of three small rooms: one for drawing, one for computer, and one for painting (we call it the last our dirty projects room, and it is very dirty). In New York, my wife Vivienne Flesher and I do our illustration in the dining room of our apartment and we have a painting studio in the garment district: 300 square feet with one window, no running water, no computer, no connection to the web. So in San Francisco we’ve got everything we’d want, including food, garden, place to nap, each other. In New York it’s minimal, nose-to-the-grindstone, all attention on the work. We’ve got no history here, no old paintings or sketches lying around, no friends asking to see the work. And that means focus is always on exactly what being done now. That can be both helpful and not.
(bron: Studio Critical)

> Ward Schumaker
> Ward Schumaker | Blog

Christian Ludwig Attersee #3

Christian Ludwig Attersee. Stills van de video. (bron video: YouTube)

> Christian Ludwig Attersee

Christian Ludwig Attersee #2

Christian Ludwig Attersee in zijn atelier, 2015(?). (bron: 80)

Christian Ludwig Attersee in seinem Atelier. (bron en foto's: Manfred Horvath)

Christian Ludwig Attersee in seinem Wiener Atelier, 2015(?) (bron: Wiener Zeitung, foto's: Robert Newald(?))

> Christian Ludwig Attersee

dinsdag, oktober 10, 2017

Christian Boltanski #8

"'All my life I have tried to fight against the fact of dying' says artist Christian Boltanski. At his studio in Paris, four video cameras are rigged to film constantly, day and night. Boltanski has struck a deal with a professional gambler and art collector. In return for ownership of the footage, the man will make regular payments until the artist's death. 'If I die in 3 years he made good business. If I die in 7 years its awful for him', says Boltanski."

Christian Boltanski – Studio Visit. Stills from the Tate Shots video. (bron video: YouTube)

> Christian Boltanski