woensdag, december 13, 2017

Sebastian Helling

Atelier van Sebastian Helling, Oslo(?). (bron: Instagram|Sebastian Helling)

Nog veel meer op Instagram! (hk)

Sebastian Helling in zijn atelier. (bron: Bodil Fuhr)

> Sebastian Helling | Instagram

Hadassah Emmerich #2

Atelier van Hadassah Hadassah Emmerich in Brussel, 2017(?). (bron: trendbeheer)

> Hadassah Emmerich

dinsdag, december 12, 2017

Ellen Altfest #4

Ellen Altfest at work on a painting of a section of dead tree in Connecticut. (bron: The New York Times, foto: Wendy Carlson)

(bron: artnet, foto: Joe Fig)

maandag, december 11, 2017

Elisabeth Cummings #4

Inside the Studio, Wedderburn, Australia, 2012.

Real Still Life in the Studio, 2012. (bron: Annette Hamilton Art Writing, foto's: Annette Hamilton)

Elisabeth Cummings, Wedderburn. (bron: Paint later)

Elisabeth Cummings #3

Elisabeth Cummings. (bron: Nock Art Foundation)

Elisabeth Cummings is overlooking a dry river bed at Fowlers Gap, north-west of Broken Hill in outback NSW.

Elisabeth Cummings, oil on canvas, creek bed and eucalypts.

Badger Bates watches on as Elisabeth Cummings paints at Euriowie. (bron: Not the Way Home)

vrijdag, december 08, 2017

Eli Content #2

Atelier van Eli Content, 2017(?). (bron: trendbeheer)

Nog veel meer foto's bij trendbeheer (hk).

> Eli Content

donderdag, december 07, 2017

Billy Childish #2

In the studio with Billy Childish, Chatham, 2014. Stills from the video. (bron video: YouTube)

Billy busy making a wood cut at L-13, 2016. (bron: Floorr, foto's: Andy Keate(?))

> Billy Childish

woensdag, december 06, 2017

Billy Childish

Billy Childish in his studio. (bron: Post Magazine, foto: Fionnuala McHugh)

The studio is in a large warehouse space in the Chatham dockyards. Billy Childish paints there with his son Huddie. (bron: Obey, foto's: Ollie Murphy(?))

Billy and Huddie in the studio.

Billy in the studio. (bron: Coney's Loft, foto's: Rikard Österlund)

(bron: Collateral Drawing, foto's: Rikard Österlund)

> Billy Childish